Firefighting thermal imaging camera, firefighting infrared camera

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Infrared camera in the fire industry



Fire fighting


※Personnel rescue-- The smoke from the fire looking for besieged personnel

F2 Firefighting thermal imaging camera has a transparent smoke performance. Not only it can quickly find the target in the smoke environment, but it can find the escape exits.




 ※  Detection of dangerous goods--get the temperature changes of dangerous goods to provide a reference for fire fighting and rescue work;




 ※Clean up the scene of the fire--detection of the hidden source of fire




 Fire  Detection


※  Dtection of fire disaster caused by electric

There is a Latent period of the electrical fire hazards. Visual inspection is often difficult to find, which requires the establishment of scientific, accurate, actionable and safe means.



※  Detection of mechanical equipment

Widely used in a variety of devices in the dectection of the production site and distinguished the possible hazards during operation, thus it can ensure the normal operation of equipment and  avoid fire and other safety accidents.




※ Forest-fire prevention

In a large area of forest, fire is often caused by hidden fire lights. With an ordinary way, we are difficult to find this hidden fire signs, and the clean-up work is a difficult and complex process. Using infrared cameras, you can quickly and efficiently find hidden fire to prevent the recrudescence.

Other applications: Large coal pile, large warehouse etc.