F2 — Fire Fighting

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F2 — Fire Fighting

Fire Fighting type

◆ IP67 for scene of the fire
◆ With temperature measurement function
◆ Unique fire-control color palette
◆ Apply to fire rescue
◆ Large LCD size
◆ One key operation




 Detector characteristics  Detector type  uncooled FPA microbolometer
 Array size/format  160×120
 Image manage  Field of view/min focus  distance  30°×22.5°
 Spatial resolutions(IFOV)  3.3mrad
  Thermal sensitivity  ≤0.1℃@30℃
 Frame rate  50Hz/60Hz
 Focus  Fixed
 Detect distance  ≥50m
 Spectral range  8~14μm
 Startup time  Thermal image output ≤25s@30℃
 Image display  LCD  260,000 color, 3.5“ TFT LCD, 640×480
 Measurement  Temperature ranges  -20℃~+600℃
 Accurancy  ±2℃ or ±2%
 Measurement mode  Fixed spot
 Measurement correction  Fixed emissivity
 Emissivity correction  N/A
 Color palette  Palettes changeable(Include fire control, Grey and grey inverted)
 Power supply  Battery type  (NIMH)battery,rechargeable 
 Battery operating time  More than 2 hours continuous operation
 Battery recharge time  ≤2 hours
 Battery recharge times  More than 500 times
 Charging system  Intelligent charger
 Environment  Operating temperature  -15℃~+50℃
 Short time operating temperature   +50℃~+260℃
 Storage temperature  -40℃~+70℃
 Encapsulation  IP67(water resistance:under 1 meter)
 Inflaming retarding grade  UL94-VO
 Depreciation  1.0m
 Physical  characteristics  Weight  ≤1.3Kg
 Dimensions  190mm×128mm×273mm

F2 — Fire Fighting
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