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*******For DEMO , IE is needed ******


        DVR Live DEMO 1 , Click here       , Port: 9081       username :  admin         password:  123456

        DVR Live DEMO 2 , Click here       , Port: 9080       username : admin          password: 123456


*****-Installation an ActiveX control - Internet Explorer -*****


1.   Depending on security settings in your operating system and the web browser used, some warnings may appear. In case of the first connection, system may stop installation an ActiveX control.   

If the information presented below appears, security settings of web browser should be changed.   



2.  In order to do this, you should do into Internet Explorer section Tools -> Internet Options  and on Security tab click  onCustom Level button. 



3 . In Security Settings window select Prompt in each position of the first section to ActiveX formats.



4.   Thanks to this, user is able to manually accept each Active X format considered as safe (similarly to DVR connection) and reject all suspected formats.   


5.    Next close all settings windows and in main IE browser window type once again the demo site adress.

Now you must allow ActiveX controls to run: