Wind power industry applications

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Wind power  industry applications
Infrared imager is widely used in the wind power equipment manufacturing and wind power station. Due to the non-contact temperature detection, in the mold manufacturing and wind turbine blade manufacturing process, engineers can make the observed object quantification and visualization. Similarly, the infrared imager provides a convenient and effective way to measure the temperature of the object and the relative temperature distribution. As well as in power transmission lines, by using the infrared camera, operator can detect casing overheating, overload, three-phase unbalanced load, and other hazards.
Wind blade molddetection
The selection and quality of wind turbine blades is very important. In order to ensure the quality of the fan blade in the production process, Requirements related manufacturing facilities are also getting harder and harder to achieve, including the improvement of the detection. Infrared thermal imager is as the best means of non-contact temperature, better monitoring mold temperature, changing the temperature control device in time, to make the entire mold heated evenly.
The detection of engines and generators
To engines and generators, using infrared imager can find these hazards. For example, the bearing overheated, shorted or open winding, carbon brushes, slip rings and slip ring fever so on.
The detection of distribution cabinet
The 95% failure of the electrical equipment causes the surface overheated, and the potential impact will cause these hazards, such as arcing, short circuit, burning and so on. Using the infrared imager, operator can detect electrical cabinets in the power generation system. They can find the connector loose or poor, unbalanced load, overload, overheating and other hazards.