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◆ Cooled 320*256 pixel HgCdTe cooled FPA detector

◆ 50HZ full real-time image, ultra long range observation range.

◆ Fast auto focus.

◆ Dual FOVS, meet different range requirements.

◆ Multiple user defined auto mode, meets observation requirement of different targets.

◆ Digital Detail Enhancement(DDE).

◆ Standard interface, easy integration.

◆ IP67 protection encapsulation, nitrogen inside to prevent corrosion, water and dust proof, quakeproof



◆ 600mm focal length, ultra long-range observation distance

◆ 15KM vehicle/30KM medium vessel security detection

◆ Triple FOV, meets the different requirement of detection ,recognition, identification

◆ FOV switch time <1S

◆ Digital Detail Enhancement(DDE)

◆ Multiple user defined auto mode, meets different targets observation requirement in different environment.

◆ RS422 remote control

◆ Rugged housing,compact structure,high protection encapsulation(IP67)

DLS-L/N Fixed Camera

DLS-L/N Fixed Camera

1. Provider good image quality in total darkness
2. Multiple optional lenses for thermal camera, meet different requirements of surveillance distance
3. Simultaneous IP and analog video output, Easy integration into IP or analog network. Support multiple network and PTZ control protocols
4. Lightweight, IP66 encapsulation suitable for operation in extreme environmental conditions
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