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  • Boundary and Sea security solution

    Boundary and Sea security solution

    Thermal camera together with visible camera, auto-switch between thermal image and visible light image, constant surveillance. Thermal camera can capture any tiny infrared radiation from the object’s surface to generate image,does not need any visible light. Otherwise  it can detect much farther than visible camera, especially installed on tallpillar,surveillance distance and range will improve abviously.                                                              
  • Perimeter security solution

    Perimeter security solution

    Prison perimeter security is very important not only because it locks many dangerous criminals they will harm prison workers but also they will hurt people in the society if they escape. This is also the reason prison security need day and night surveillance.
  • Petroleum and Petrified security solution

    Petroleum and Petrified security solution

    Equipments in petrochemical production work in the high-temperature and high-pressure conditions, lurking the flammable and explosive danger. Thermal imaging camera can be on real-time monitoring of the production process and quickly and accurately identify the leak to prevent accidents and it is very effective to reduce energy consumption .  
  • Road traffic security solution

    Road traffic security solution

    Infrared camera system is widely used in the highway and can conduct a 24-hour video surveillance of highways. It not only can improve the average speed of vehicles, increase traffic flow during peak periods, reduce the degree of traffic congestion and vehicle delay time, but also it can greatly reduce traffic accidents and ensure traffic safety, save fuel and reduce vehicle wear, shorten the transport time reduce pollution, play a fast, safe, comfortable and efficient effect.  
  • Railway industry applications

    Railway industry applications

    Infrared imager is used widly in the railway system, including the power supply system in the catenary, transformer boxes, traction substation. In addition, the operator can conduct precise detection of the electrical equipment of the maintenance and vehicle system by infrared imager , thereby preventing equipment accidents.
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