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  • Wind power industry applications

    Wind power industry applications

    Infrared imager is widely used in the wind power equipment manufacturing and wind power station. Due to the non-contact temperature detection, in the mold manufacturing and wind turbine blade manufacturing process, engineers can make the observed object quantification and visualization. Similarly, the infrared imager provides a convenient and effective way to measure the temperature of the object and the relative temperature distribution. As well as in power transmission lines, by using the infrared camera, operator can detect casing overheating, overload, three-phase unbalanced load, and other hazards.
  • Solar industry applications

    Solar industry applications

    Researchers at home and abroad for the solar photovoltaic cells are mainly focused on two aspects. One hand is to improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency and photovoltaic cells cost-effective from the materials, processes. The other hand is the intelligent hybrid systems of photovoltaic grid, wind power, diesel generator, and battery. With the continuous promotion and application of large-scale photovoltaic technology, how to detect solar cells will be on the agenda. Infrared imager can be used as a good means of detection.
  • Communications industry applications

    Communications industry applications

    Using infrared imager, we can detect hidden dangers of all equipment in engine rooms. This can expand exponentially the maintenance ability. The operator only needs to pull the trigger, and can easily get thousands of points of temperature. Thus he can accurately detect hidden dangers of equipment.
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